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Over the past few years, the issue of data security has become increasingly more important to healthcare industry executives. Yet, how to best identify risk and prevent data breaches remains elusive to many. To address the very real threats of data security, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have been aggressively looking at technology innovations, limitations and regulations. Many are aware of options that could help their organizations, but are often stymied due to the other priorities and issues the business may face. However, as threats to data security increase, the need to move that line item to the top of the queue continues to grow.


Writing for Health System Management, BioIQ Chief Compliance Officer Wes Rhea explains what CIOs want (and need) their CEOs to know about data security, including the realities of data security today; where the organization’s biggest threats may lie; solutions available to enhance data security; and the steps to take (and not take) to improve an organization’s security profile.

Read the full article to learn how CIOs are helping organizations adapt to the increasing threats to data security and the issues they are addressing to help their CEOs better understand these risks.


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