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– By Alexis Farag, Customer Service Analyst, BioIQ –

The BioIQ team was overwhelmed with the positive response during the AHA Heart Walk last weekend. The goal of the event was to raise funds and boost awareness for heart disease. Our private goal was to connect citizens to their essential health metrics. We were thrilled to engage with so many people at our booth.

Most of the attendees we spoke with understood the link between lifestyle and health, but many of them didn’t know that regular biometric screening can reveal a heightened risk for stroke, hypertension, and heart disease. They were intrigued with our At-Home Test Kits, which make it easy to check cholesterol levels and triglycerides—important indicators of risk for heart disease. After their experience with impersonal healthcare processes and lab networks, they were impressed to see such an easy, effortless way for to stay connected to their health. Of course we explained how the At Home Test Kits are just one of the ways that BioIQ facilitates health screening, and all of them are marked by a highly personalized user experience.

Biometric testing was a natural entre to the larger issues of Population Health and workplace wellness. Many of the people we spoke with admitted that they don’t have wellness programs at work. We explained how BioIQ can empower everybody in the workforce to monitor their health, including spouses and dependents. A lot of people took home informational flyers about our solutions and services to share with their employers.

All in all it was a great Santa Barbara day that brought out the best in people. I was happy to be joined by my colleagues, Nick Johnson and Bryce Randolph. Here are some out-takes from the event. I’m already looking forward to participating again next year!

– Alexis







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