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BioIQ CEO Justin Bellante recently sat down with Tech Talk radio host Joey Kline to discuss the company’s roots, what prompted the organization to relocate to Atlanta and how the business is helping employers, health plans and government agencies close care gaps and improve population health.

As Bellante explains, BioIQ is a healthcare technology company on a mission to “fundamentally change the healthcare space by making it easier for people to access routine lab testing and immunizations on an annual basis.” Reimagining workflows and delivery models to get the right care to the right person at the right time is a big challenge in healthcare. Bellante believes that more convenient access solutions and a personalized approach to closing individual care gaps are key factors in overcoming that hurdle.

BioIQ’s 15 years of experience understanding how people with similar consumer characteristics navigate care enables the company to predict which care options are more likely to drive healthy behaviors for a given individual. This creates a better consumer healthcare experience, which leads to improved outcomes and long-term cost savings for employers and health plans.

Bellante details the company’s journey to the be “the Netflix of healthcare” by offering consumers in-home health testing solutions backed by a national lab network, backend logistics and a technology platform that allows people to track and manage their health. “Given our mission to impact as many lives as possible, the best way to have a big impact from our perspective was to fish with a net to provide these solutions into large populations,” says Bellante. This population approach first found footing in the Medicare Advantage space, where health plans were embracing value-based models. Today, many progressive employers are following suit, abandoning one-size-fits-all employee health programs for a more personalized approach.

Bellante also addresses what prompted his company to relocate from California to Georgia in 2019, citing the southeastern health IT hub’s rich talent pool.

You can listen to the full Tech Talk interview here: Tech Talk: Justin Bellante with BioIQ 

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