Neil Zhang

Birth City

Beijing, China

Current City



M.A. Graphic Design Major in Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta

How long have you worked in healthcare?

One month

When did you join the BioIQ team?

December 2018

What do you enjoy most about working at BioIQ?

I like our product impact and business insights. Everyone here is warm and working hard. A great team is the best way to success.

Fun Facts

I’m a city explorer, love to find minimalism coffee stores and great restaurants in every place I been.

I’m also a foodie, eating and cooking are my biggest two things through the weekend. I learned how to cook since I came to the U.S. As an immigrant in America, I get many chances to meet people from the all over the world. Foods is always the fastest way to learn others’ culture.

Collecting sneakers is another favorite thing of my life. It gives me a mood of open source culture and modernish design inspiration.