Lisa O’Keefe

Birth City

Atlanta, GA

Current City

Canton, GA


Shorter University – BS Business Management

How long have you worked in healthcare?

15 years

When did you join the BioIQ team?

May 2015

What do you enjoy most about working at BioIQ?

First and foremost it is the people I work with. Secondly, I know that what we do every single day has the potential to either save lives or give people information they need to better manage their overall health or chronic condition.

Fun Facts

I have a Golden Retriever (Lewis), a German Shepherd (Wyatt) and blue-eyed cat named Kevin.

My first car was a 1969 Road Runner that belonged to my dad. I drove it the way it was intended to be driven. And then my dad took it away from me for driving too fast.

My husband and I recently had our dinner prepared and served to us by Chef Emeril Lagasse at Emeril’s Coastal Italian in Miramar Beach, FL. I have the picture to prove it.