Aravind Gadigae

Birth City

Hyderabad, India

Current City

Atlanta, GA


Master’s degree in Computer Science

How long have you worked in healthcare?

7 months

When did you join the BioIQ team?

January 2018

What do you enjoy most about working at BioIQ?

I enjoy BioIQ’s culture and feel so fortunate to be part of an excellent team. I’m motivated by the challenges and opportunities that I come across here. As always, I’m looking forward to more challenging opportunities and I want to be a person who continuously provides value to the company.

Fun Facts

I love to play table tennis. Once, I happened to play a game with a professional who is a tournament champion. I had no idea about him until I won the game. Still, I doubt whether I won the game at his mercy. It boosted my confidence a lot!

I love to listen to music and I’m a great fan of A.R. Rehman.