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When was the last time you made a doctor’s appointment simply for a routine checkup? Today, most Americans only visit the doctor when they feel sick or display concerning symptoms. And even then, they may not be inclined to book an appointment at a lab for routine blood work due to scheduling conflicts, lack of health insurance, or pure laziness.

Those people who are most out of luck are the ones who are actually sick. They’ll already be behind, struggling to fix a condition rather than prevent it. This is not healthcare, but “sickcare”: retroactively improving your health only after you’ve been informed that it needs improving. In order to maintain optimal wellness and detect early signs of medical concerns including diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer, one must be in constant awareness of their health.

“People avoid going to the doctor because they spend hours there doing something they’re dreading in the first place,” says Justin Bellante, CEO at BioIQ. “That’s why we wanted to create a way of getting a diagnostic test conveniently into someone’s home.”

Bringing Healthcare to Your Doorstep

BioIQ began with a vision for creating convenient and comprehensive biometric testing programs. It was the first company to pioneer the idea of delivering a “lab in a box” to people’s homes, which started a revolution in the burgeoning corporate wellness market.

BioIQ’s popular home test kits still remain an important part of many population health-screening programs. But what launched the company—and continues to differentiate it to this day—are its painstaking efforts to automate the population health management process.

Today the company’s valuable intellectual property lies in the technology platform that automates these activities. BioIQ solutions make it easy for a covered population to create online health accounts; schedule appointments; locate labs and pharmacies; get screened; complete online health risk assessments; view lab reports; receive targeted education; and track activities and incentives within population health management programs.

Getting Connected with Vital Metrics

BioIQ has gained traction in the wellness industry by connecting people with solutions to measure their risk for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Participants can view their results online or via paper mail, and receive targeted recommendations for discussing their lab results with a primary care physician. The goal is to empower people to detect, prevent, and manage chronic health conditions so they can spend more time doing what they love—in this case, surfing!

With an emphasis not only on data analytics, but also on improving the user experience and engagement, BioIQ understands the necessary balance between powerful back-end technology and the front-end patient experience, ensuring that people receive their biometric results in a clear and friendly way.

“BioIQ has proven its ability to connect people and populations with solutions to measure vital health metrics and securely exchange wellness data,” concludes Bellante. “We have helped thousands of organizations and millions of people take a more proactive role in achieving their optimal health.”


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Justin Bellante, BioIQ CEO, and George England, VP of Sales, assess the surf in Santa Barbara, California.


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