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Delivering health testing and vaccinations – convenient for individuals, nationwide.

Deliver care where it’s most convenient, resulting in improved quality outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Scalable and Configurable Network

Deliver health testing and vaccinations where it’s most convenient for individuals.

12,000+ Retail Locations

More than 12,000 retail locations within a five-mile proximity of 70% of the country’s population.

16+ Labs

A growing integrated health services network.

Distribution Centers

Two distribution centers in California and Florida deliver our test kits nationwide.

Walmart Point

Walmart is partnering with BioIQ to enhance your flu shot, vaccination, and health screening programs. Together, we provide national worksite and pharmacy coverage and make it easy for participants to sign up and simple for employers to manage billing and measure the success of their programs.

A Consumer-Centric Approach
to Care Navigation

Combine the scale of retail pharmacies with at-home screenings and integrated health services network.

Convenient Points of Care

Deliver health testing and vaccinations where it’s most convenient for individuals, whether at retail pharmacies or labs, at home, or with their primary care physician.

Leverage the Power of Retail

Access over 12,000 retail pharmacies to integrate health testing, vaccinations, and interventions into people’s lifestyle.

Scalable, Configurable Ecosystem

A unique ecosystem of capabilities and partners enables BioIQ to remove barriers to care, meet people where they are, and empower them to take action.

Coordinated Care

Leverage a comprehensive view of each individual’s health journey that ensures results are shared with stakeholders across the care continuum.

Deliver a more personalized healthcare experience.

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