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A world-class telehealth solution that scales across the medical ecosystem.

From hospitals with ERs to urgent care centers and clinics with multiple providers to meet the needs of patients at home, BioIQ Telehealth provides medical practitioners the ability to effortlessly interact with patients over any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop), presenting a seamless and personal experience. Patients receive high-quality care from the safety and comfort of their homes while eliminating travel and inconvenient wait times.

The BioIQ Telehealth platform provides appointment scheduling, patient reminders, patient records and billable events, and delivers patient reports in accordance with HIPAA compliance. BioIQ Telehealth can integrate with most EHR systems, and flexible pricing allows you to customize BioIQ Telehealth to fit your organization’s needs.

Schedule and Calendar Capabilities

Schedule and manage calls in one place. This system offers hospital-grade schedule management along with intelligent capabilities to manage reminders and automatically reschedule missed appointments.

  • Dynamically create appointments between patients or other providers
  • Adjust workday schedules and automatically shift appointments
  • Automated patient and provider reminders included

Workflow and Call-Routing Capabilities

The BioIQ Telehealth system is designed to scale to meet national disaster needs. This flexible system is able to meet the situation at hand and offers clients limitless choices in workflows and call routes. Workflows and call routes support distributed locations based on your needs — including medical carts, tablets, mobile devices and laptop/desktop devices.

  • Outbound calls from clinics to patients at home
  • Call from an ER cart (where patient is located) to a remote doctor
  • Get more insight with specialist consults on any call
  • Call from an ambulance/in-flight medical service to a hospital’s ER to a remote physician

Expanded Platform Capabilities

BioIQ Telehealth has applications for annual wellness visits (AWV), a variety of screenings, and a suite of other applications that can be added on-demand. Our system can also be leveraged to enhance clinical trials that incorporate telemedicine and assessment engagements.

  • Connectivity to 70+ EHRs via NetDirector integration
  • Optional integration to PAC systems for X-ray/MRI/CAT scans
  • E-Prescribe Integration [Coming in Q4]

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