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Intelligent Engagement Strategies Begin with a Personalized Experience as Unique as the Individual.

Increase systemic completions and garner higher completion rates by individually communicating with your plan participants and encouraging improved healthcare engagement.

Advanced Audience Segmentation

At BioIQ, we segment your population to create an individualized digital fingerprint for each participant. Using artificial intelligence to parse in-depth demographic and psychographic data, a digital DNA scheme is tailored to accurately depict engagement.  

Personalized Experience

Using this segmentation, BioIQ goes a layer deeper to build individual experiences that leverage insights from consumer health profiles so that each participant receives personalized communications – in the manner they are most likely to react to and engage.

Cross-channel Communication

Using current and historical data, BioIQ creates a communication flow that is optimized to yield the highest probability sequence of actions for each participant. By delivering messaging and communications through email, interactive voice response (IVR), live outbound calls, text messaging (SMS), and mail, the flow of information has maximum reach while adhering to the preferred method of communication of the individual.

Strategic Campaign Management

Being able to view the information flow of a campaign is essential. With a dashboard to show real-time communication flow across the user population, BioIQ provides the capability to view the marketing communications and process flow.

These insights allow for ad-hoc communication to strategically further engagement within the automated message- delivery mechanism.

Continuous Learning

Participant analytics are constantly evolving with the BioIQ platform. Each interaction adds insight into the system- learning mechanism. Ongoing results are then tailored by these data-driven insights to improve program design and continue to reach the most participants.

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