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Close a broad set of care gaps and delight members.

Health plans are continuously asked to do more with less, which makes closing care gaps, increasing quality ratings, growing membership, and improving outcomes more of a challenge than a mission.

A Single Partner for Coordinating Care

Our end-to-end solution provides members with a seamless experience that delivers care where it’s most convenient – at retail locations, at home or onsite.

Data-Driven Engagement

Humanize analytics to develop a deeper understanding of your members and implement strategies to close the gaps between data and performance.

Personalized Design

Optimize program design based on population segmentation, geography, and consumer preferences.

Tailored Experience

Deliver a unique experience for each member that provides a personal pathway for them to take action, close care gaps, and receive the right care at the right time.

Value-Based Pricing

Pay for only the results and outcomes that matter to make sure each program maximizes value.

BioIQ Helps You Do More

Close Care Gaps

Close care gaps and
increase Star ratings.

Increase Immunization Rates

Reduce medical costs by getting more
members immunized.

Identify Risk Determinants

Uncover hidden costs by identifying determinants of risk.

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