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Improve employee health and reduce healthcare costs.

Improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce with a consumer-centric approach to care.


A More Effective Way to Deliver Care

Let’s face it, your employees are under a tremendous amount of stress. Across all industries, the workforce has been reduced by COVID-19 and the flu season could possibly knock you out.

A recent report by IQVIA showed preventive screenings in the United States have come to “a near stand still.” Unfortunately, these preventable and treatable diseases are not waiting for COVID to be finished.

Employers need their employees to be healthy, engaged, and working. To ensure this happens, employees must continue preventive screening programs. With our comprehensive engagement platform, employees can receive convenient healthcare services in comfort of their home.

BioIQ provides a modern approach to employee wellness, not just cafeteria-style screenings, enabling employers to:

Identify At-Risk & Unengaged Members

Apply Data-Driven Program Design

Engage with Tailored Experience

Drive Best Next Action

Convenient, At Home Preventive Services Included

Respiratory Panel (Flu A/B & COVID Combined)

Respiratory Panel (COVID Only)

A1C – Diabetes

Hepatitis C

PHQ8 or PHQ 2 (stress and depression screening)

Flu Vaccine (Voucher)

FIT KIT – Colorectal Screening

Lipid & Glucose

Kidney Disease Screening

Micro Albumin Kidney Functions

AWV – Annual Wellness Visits

How it Works

The platform that includes an integrated ecosystem of digital technologies.


Web Portal

Mobile Application


Billing Integration

Omnichannel Engagement

BioIQ manages all aspects of the program, providing you with a world class support team so you are up and running quickly and your employees have safe, convenient access to preventive services.

Client submits eligibility file

Employee is informed of the screening intervention on various communication channels and directed to use the BioIQ portal

Test is sent to employee’s home or employee is directed to local retail pharmacy

Employee completes test at home or redeems voucher at the retail pharmacy 

Completed test is returned to the lab via overnight delivery or employee completes screening at the retail pharmacy

Lab processes the test and results are sent to employer, health plan, employee, and physician; results are available on the BioIQ portal

Employee notified by email or text to view results online

BioIQ generates summary report to employer, health plan, employee and physician

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