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Analytics + AI.

Our healthcare analytics solution provides deep population insights making data actionable.

Drive Better Health Outcomes

BioIQ’s platform creates an optimal user experience that enables personalized pathways to deliver the right message at the right time to drive action. This platform is fueled by industry-leading data assets, including more than 1,000 attributes ranging from consumer information and medical and pharmacy history to past campaign experience and communication preferences. These data provide the foundation for predictive and prescriptive models that we use to not only identify the right populations but also highlight the right health actions each user should take.

Collectively, this allows BioIQ to develop a more precise consumer experience by deploying personalized outreach strategies that close more gaps. 

Strategic Partnership

Through advanced analytics, we go at risk so you only pay for what matters – the outcomes and value created.

Optimize Program Performance

Produce actionable consumer insights by combining social determinants of health, consumer preferences, and other data with advanced analytics to drive program performance.

Consumer-Driven Healthcare

Make healthcare easier for your population by integrating it into existing consumer behavior.

Visualize Measurable Value

Intuitive, self-service reports and interactive dashboards help you uncover insights and achieve your business objectives.

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