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– Lisa McVey, Executive Vice President of Technology and Operations –

BioIQ continues to expand its presence in Atlanta, America’s healthcare IT capital. Our Atlanta team is growing quickly as we up-scale the talent pool for technology and operations. I joined BioIQ in August to oversee the expansion of the Atlanta office and to build a high-performing team that can help BioIQ meet its growth plans in the southeast and nationally.

One of our goals is to enhance the BioIQ SaaS platform so that each new program is easily configurable by the client and the account managers, calling for less customization by the development team. We are also instituting more rigorous quality checks, processes, and procedures to ensure that BioIQ can effectively meet the needs of customers and partners.

It has been gratifying to see a natural cross-pollination among the staff as we orchestrate critical process flows and make smooth handoffs among departments. For example, we are establishing new operating procedures and encouraging greater synergy between sales and product development so we can scale and operate more efficiently.

We are also working to better understand customer demand and use that knowledge to influence the product roadmap, so we can get to market quickly with the capabilities that our customers want most. The overall objective is clear: it’s all about responding quickly to market demands and properly executing each program to ensure that we maintain happy, long-term customers.

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