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How does the medical community keep patients from relapsing? Telehealth enables online monitoring and timely follow-up by physicians, nurses, and therapists so they can catch problems early, before they become emergencies. BioIQ Chief Strategist Rita Moya joined other industry experts at a recent MIT Enterprise forum to explain how telehealth services can improve the lives of millions of patients and reduce the cost of treating chronic diseases.

Several organizations within the BioIQ ecosystem offer telehealth services in the context of their case management and disease management programs. Rita explained how the BioIQ platform serves as a central hub for securely exchanging healthcare data with these partners. She also described the use of electronic information within telehealth programs to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration.

Rita is an expert on healthcare delivery, having served in various roles in healthcare and technology as an investor, executive, and volunteer leader. Prior to her current position at BioIQ, she served as vice president of state solutions for United Health Group/Ingenix and as the chief executive of two health foundations: the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and the National Health Foundation (NHF), where she was President/CEO for 11 years. Rita also served as the founding President/CEO of the Health Data Corporation, the first statewide health data exchange in California. In addition to her work with BioIQ, she currently serves on the Board of Directors of Direct Relief, an international charity.

Rita Moya was joined on the panel by Dean Hovey, President and CEO of Digifit. Yulun Wang, InTouch Health Founder and CEO, delivered the keynote address.


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