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The Move Toward Mobile: How Smart Devices
are Changing the Healthcare Landscape

87% of physicians are using a smartphone or tablet in their workplace

The use of smart devices by healthcare professionals is growing rapidly in accordance with consumer usage.

85% of faculty, residents and medical students are using mobile devices at least once daily in the classroom, clinical and hospital settings.

Workplace wellness programs: a long-term solution to population health management?

Workplace wellness programs are capitalizing on the increasingly ubiquitous nature of smart devices to provide a meaningful solution to prevention and health management.

Employers are looking toward workplace wellness programs as a potential solution to negating the increased costs incurred by the ACA.

Mobile solutions provide significant healthcare savings, reduce risk profiles and ultimately, a happier, healthier and engaged employee

Smartphones and tablets are able to gather real-time data that goes far beyond the scope of information captured in brief clinical consultations.