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Flu Prevention: The Key to Maintaining a Healthy and Productive Workforce

The High Price of Influenza

In today’s economy, where unemployment is near record lows, employers can find it challenging to maintain a healthy and productive workforce – particularly during flu season. It’s estimated that the current flu season will cost employers more than $21 billion in lost productivity. What’s more, direct costs for hospitalization and outpatient visits will add up to another $10.4 billion.

A Case for Employee Flu Prevention Programs

According to the CDC, flu vaccination programs generate savings of $2.58 per every $1 spent on vaccinations and a possible savings of up to $4,000 for every averted illness. Despite the clear data on the value of flu prevention, less than 60 percent of Americans are immunized. Employers can play a crucial role in improving rates of immunization, not only in their workplace but also in their communities, helping to lower costs, improve productivity and ensure a healthier workforce.

Get Set Up for Success

Whether an organization is launching its first flu prevention program or looking to improve past efforts, there are several simple steps to improve the process. Strategies for a successful program include engaging communications, compelling incentives, designating internal champions and identifying the right solution provider to manage comprehensive, scalable programs.