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Finding People in the Gaps: Delivering Better Preventive Care with Consumer-Centric Approaches to Reach Health Plan Members

Health plans are experts when it comes to actuarial analyses and identifying quality care gaps in their member populations. However, finding care gaps is just part of the challenge – plans must engage members to take action and close those gaps.

Members are constantly falling through the cracks, but health plans can intervene by leveraging predictive data to deliver better preventive care options. Health plans use data analysis and outreach programs to reach members with care gaps, but statistics show that there are still opportunities to do much more.


Check out our new white paper to learn how to:

  • Understand individual members’ needs, behaviors and risks to help them connect with convenient, consumer-friendly health services.
  • Use data to predict who will and won’t close a gap on their own, so healthcare plans can allocate their outreach resources for the most impact.
  • Build tailored healthcare interventions to reach members with a point of-care delivery mechanism that suits their lifestyle.