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Industry Insights

How Employers Can Reduce the Risk of Colorectal Cancer and Create a Culture of Wellness

A Q&A With Ian Kahn, Health Systems Manager, The American Cancer Society As healthcare continues to change, employers are addressing the impact that conditions like cancer, especially colorectal cancer (CRC), […]


The At-home Health Testing Experience

Reaching members at home has never been easier. Learn how BioIQ helps health plans and other organizations provide people with convenient at-home health tests.

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BioIQ HealthSync

Create seamless health screening events with BioIQ HealthSync for iPad and Android tablets.

tech can close healthcare gaps
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The BioIQ Partner Network

Access best-in-class vendors in every category with the BioIQ Platform.

BioIQ's Participant Portal
Spec Sheets

The BioIQ Participant Portal

Engage your population on the journey to better health with an intuitive interface that guides participants through all aspects of a screening program.


How to Create Engaging Health Screening Experiences

The BioIQ Platform takes the guesswork out of managing onsite health screening events and creates an efficient, engaging experience for all participants.

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The BioIQ Platform Overview

BioIQ is a unified software platform for population health measurement. The BioIQ Platform consists of three key pieces of technology. Find out more in our brief overview.

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BioIQ’s Accelerated Engagement Solution

Multi-channel communications and a personalized user experience make it easy for you to inspire participants to take an active role in improving their health.

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White Papers

How Health Plans Can Leverage Technology-enabled Screening Programs to Reach Diverse Member Populations

Close care gaps and improve quality with at-home screening programs.

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Spec Sheets

BioIQ Colorectal Cancer Screening Program Overview

BioIQ offers the only comprehensive, at-home CRC screening program. We coordinate everything from member communications to processing results, so you can focus on connecting at-risk members to next steps in their care.

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Five Steps to Help Health Plans Close Care Gaps by Reaching Members at Home

Close care gaps in your hard-to-reach populations with test kits that members can complete in the comfort of their own homes. BioIQ coordinates all aspects of the program, so you […]

Industry Insights

What Healthcare CIOs Want CEOs to Know About Data Security

A Q&A with Wes Rhea, Chief Information Officer, BioIQ


How is BioIQ Innovative?

CEO and Founder Justin Bellante explains how BioIQ makes it easier for organizations to successfully implement a population health program with innovative technology, helping more people avoid preventable conditions and […]


BioIQ’s Platform Approach to Population Health Measurement

CEO and Founder Justin Bellante explains how BioIQ helps organizations launch population health measurement programs to close care gaps from a single platform.

Industry Insights

Trends in Healthcare: House Call Visits Improve Care Coordination

A Q&A with Thayer Montague, Vice President of Business Development, Advance Health

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