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As health care providers confront the realities of a burgeoning elderly population there is a surge of interest in the home care model. Seniors with five or more chronic conditions account for less than 25% of Medicare’s beneficiaries, yet they represent almost 70% of its spending—and they are the fastest-growing segment of the Medicare population.[1]

Increasingly, nurses and home care providers rely on BioIQ to reach this struggling portion of the population. These medical professionals gather biometric data with a simple finger stick blood test during the visit. BioIQ handles all of the data management, physician orders, reporting (both to individuals and primary care providers), and data integration back to the health plan. In some instances, the nurse does a finger stick blood test to screen for diabetes and heart disease and leaves behind an FOBT kit to screen for colorectal disease. BioIQ sends reminders to encourage these patients to complete the test and return the results.

[1] Rauch, Jonathan, “The Home Remedy for Old Age,” The Atlantic, December 2013, page 96.

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