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When was the last time you pulled out a paper road atlas to get directions? How about grabbing the Yellow Pages to find a restaurant for dinner? Today, most people rely on their smartphones and tablets to take care of their daily tasks. Should health management be any different?

BioIQ doesn’t think so. We have developed a technology-based platform that makes health management processes easy to navigate and use from mobile devices.

  • Easier for Participants: Users of Apple iPhone and Google Android devices can sign up for wellness programs, schedule biometric screenings, complete online health risk assessments, view lab reports, and track rewards and incentives—all through secure accounts and personal health dashboards that reflect the native look and feel of their mobile devices.
  • Easier for Administrators: Program administrators can use our iPad apps to automate onsite screening events and manage corporate wellness programs: monitor screening participation, track incentives, and assess general health risks facing the member population.
  • Easier for Organizations: Our design philosophy for mobile computing reflects a larger goal at the company: to make it as easy as possible for employers and health plans to engage their members in essential health testing services, with an emphasis on prevention and early detection of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other serious health conditions.

All BioIQ programs are streamlined and consumer-friendly, giving individuals numerous options within a national network of service providers, immediate real-time results, and clear next steps. BioIQ helps people identify risks and prevent diseases—not just manage them once they exist.

On the back end, we have built the systems and infrastructure to address the real challenge in healthcare: the interoperability of healthcare data amid myriad systems and stakeholders. That’s the part you don’t see: BioIQ seamlessly links program participants with an expanding network of retail care partners, complete with real-time data management, analysis and reporting.

From health coaching to disease management, fitness to education, personalized recommendations for health improvement are triggered by the unique needs and risks of each participant. Additionally, BioIQ’s app immediately notifies participants when they earn points and incentives. This is a huge motivator for encouraging people to work towards achieving their personal health goals.

Gone is the era of clunky analog systems, fragmented health testing networks, endless paperwork and unfathomable delays. BioIQ is driving real change in population health management by continually streamlining its technology platform and encouraging companies and health plans to embrace the advances of mobile technology.

Read our new whitepaper, which takes an in-depth look at how mobile devices are transforming healthcare.


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