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Doctor Nick van Terheyden recently interviewed doctor Joshua Sclar, MPH, BioIQ’s chief medical officer, for his popular healthcare podcast, The Incrementalist. During the program available on HealthcareNOW radio, Dr. Sclar discussed his circuitous route into the medical field. Dr. Sclar, formerly a professional saxophone player, was involved in a traumatic car accident with his band. An emergency procedure performed on the side of the road saved his life. That experience propelled him to become a surgeon and public health professional.

Today, Dr. Sclar invests time developing easy, convenient delivery systems for preventive care services. He told Terheyden, “We need a preferred path for preventive services in the U.S. If we want to encourage good utilization in this country, it won’t just be about making consumption easy and convenient, it’s also going to be about policy making and what things can we do that tilt the playing field a little bit towards preventive care.”

He uses two examples: at-home colonoscopy screenings and diabetic retinopathy eye exams offered at Walmart and other vision centers. Dr. Sclar sums up his interview by stating, “We need to bring the power of consumerism into healthcare.”

Click here to listen to the entire episode.


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