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West Coast Employers Rally to BioIQ Diagnostic Testing Program

Preventive Solutions Include Complete Marketing Continuum to Boost Compliance.

July 22, 2007 – BioIQ, the leader in consumer-friendly biometric testing products and services, has announced the successful rollout of corporate wellness programs at three Southern California companies. Each company is offering BioIQ’s home-testing service to a select group of employees on a voluntary basis, in preparation for company-wide rollouts later this year.

“We’re helping companies take control of health care costs by connecting their employees with a diagnostic screening system that really works,” said Justin Bellante, CEO at BioIQ. “Our initial wellness programs focus on diabetes. Future programs will include diagnostic tests for cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis, thyroid disorder, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.”

As part of this flexible diagnostic screening program, employees can order an A1c test for diabetes via a co-branded web site. Each program includes a complete health assessment to put test results into a meaningful, personalized context. Employees obtain practical advice on a wide range of health topics, including prevention, risk factors, and lifestyle changes to encourage good health.

Employees receive the test kits at home and follow BioIQ’s instructions to supply a small blood sample. After dropping the samples in the mail they are processed by a certified laboratory. A1c test results are presented via personal health dashboards—securely accessible through BioIQ’s informative website.

Bellante believes the United States is witnessing a pervasive restructuring of its medical system, as insurance companies, employers, and health-conscious consumers make a shift away from reactive medical care and towards proactive, preventive care. “Early detection is the name of the game in medicine, and these companies are helping their employees adopt a whole new mindset about their health.”


About BioIQ

BioIQ develops and markets diagnostic wellness solutions through corporate, institutional, and direct-to-consumer channels. Its home test kits and corporate solutions enable people to detect critical diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease in their early stages, often before symptoms occur. BioIQ empowers people to take control of their health by connecting them with best-of-breed diagnostic and health assessment technology and enabling private interaction with test and assessment results through a personal health dashboard that is securely managed and updated online.

Press Contact: David Baum
Director of Communications, BioIQ