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Grange Insurance Enhances Employee Wellness Program with Health Testing Solutions from BioIQ

BioIQ announced today that Grange Insurance, a “super-regional” insurance provider based in Columbus, Ohio, has completed a successful corporate biometric screening program using BioIQ’s home test kits, online health assessments and aggregate reports. The employee screening program was noteworthy for its high participation rates, easy access to remote field workers and dependents, and success motivating an aging employee and retiree population to take responsibility for their health. The BioIQ at-home screening program fit seamlessly with other wellness services by engaging employees, assessing their risk for diabetes and heart disease, and then connecting people with health professionals for follow up and treatment. BioIQ offers a free Corporate Wellness and Screening Roadmap, an authoritative guide that describes how to launch this type of successful employee screening program in less than one hour in six easy steps.

“We had amazing participation in the BioIQ program, with more than 95 percent of the people in our health plan completing the biometric screening and health risk assessment,” said Steve Paxton, assistant vice president and manager of compensation and benefits at Grange Insurance. “BioIQ is a convenient way to screen your entire population of associates and dependents, especially people in small or remote offices who are difficult to reach through traditional onsite screening methods.”

Grange is in the midst of a multi-year wellness effort to establish health baselines, detect worrisome trends and help employees become better informed of their health status. People who complete the BioIQ test and HRA are placed in an enhanced “high option” health plan with complete coverage for preventive services such as the BioIQ blood test, annual physical, vision checks, and hearing checks.

Grange found the home-testing process to be simple and effective. Participants ordered the BioIQ kits online, received them in the mail and followed the instructions to send a tiny blood sample to BioIQ’s lab. BioIQ analyzed the samples for Glucose, Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and Triglycerides, and then notified people when their lab reports were ready for viewing through secure, password-protected accounts. High-risk people were directed to lifestyle coaches, another aspect of the Grange wellness program, to learn how they could improve their health and obtain any necessary treatments.

“BioIQ acts as a cornerstone of a wellness program by enabling the acquisition of health data from everyone in the population, and then by making sure that the data gets integrated into other wellness tools and services,” explained Justin Bellante, CEO at BioIQ. “At-home screening complements and extends Grange’s overall wellness strategy.”

BioIQ also supplied an aggregate report that helps Paxton and other HR pros to detect health risks within the population so they can educate employees, encourage treatment, and make appropriate changes to the health plan and wellness strategy. Grange plans to offer the BioIQ program again next year as well.

Press Contact: David Baum
Director of Communications, BioIQ