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Google’s New Perk: Free, Weekly Covid-19 Testing for Employees

BioIQ delivers Google’s newest, most popular employee benefit: At-home COVID-19 testing

The pandemic forced Google’s 57,000 employees to work remotely, leaving behind their famous menu of onsite perks: gourmet snacks, free fitness, massages, and more. The tech giant needed new perks, ones that would benefit people working at home and would deliver the same message that the company cares deeply about their workforce’s well-being.

So, Google turned to BioIQ to provide its new employee benefit: Weekly at home COVID-19 testing. The offer has been embraced by Google’s workforce as their most popular new perk, reports The Wall Street Journal. It was so popular, in fact, that it temporarily crashed BioIQ’s website the day it went live.

Justin Bellante, BioIQ founder, president and CEO, explains why this model works: “This solution helps with growing testing fatigue. We should not only be adding new technologies and lower cost testing, but also workflows such as at-home testing that are more convenient and overcome access challenges.”

To meet this extraordinary demand for accurate, fast testing on behalf of Google’s teams for search, YouTube, Google X, fiber internet and artificial intelligence, BioIQ relies on its uniquely flexible network of labs across the U.S. Our modernized approach to diagnostic testing ensures that tests are delivered, and results processed quickly—wherever an employee may be located. That enables Google to guarantee accurate results to every employee within two days of a lab receiving their sample.

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