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BioIQ White Paper Provides Insights for Employers on Tackling High Cost of Flu

Paper provides retail and consumer-based strategies to help drive program engagement and ROI 

Atlanta, GA. January 17, 2019 – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that flu season will cost U.S. employers more than $31 billion in lost productivity and medical costs. BioIQ today announced the publication of an in-depth white paper, Flu Prevention: The Key to Maintaining a Healthy and Productive Workforce, with background and insights into how to manage the current season, as well as prepare for next year’s inevitable high-impact outbreaks.

Despite the clear data on the value of flu prevention, fewer than half of Americans are immunized. Couple that with the fact that 20 percent of employees will get the flu – and that it spreads rapidly – and it’s clear to see why employers need engaging and employee-friendly flu-prevention programs.

Employers interested in promoting a healthy workforce often struggle with overcoming myths about the vaccine, such as the myth that the flu season lasts only a few months. While it’s ideal to receive a vaccination in early fall before flu season begins, according to the CDC, getting vaccinated later can still be beneficial, as seasonal flu activity can occur as late as May.  The key news for employers is that flu season is long and cost-effective programs can and should be considered for the first quarter of the new year.

“Many believe that flu season ends when winter is over, but it actually extends well into spring and can continue to cause issues for employees and employers,” said Justin Bellante, CEO of BioIQ. “The bottom line: it’s not too late to get in front of the flu this year and minimize its impact,” he added.

As a healthcare engagement and gap closure company dedicated to seamlessly connecting people to health services and testing, BioIQ’s unique set of knowledge and skills help employers find better ways to improve flu prevention programs and ensure a greater number of employees get vaccinated.

Bellante notes that there are a number of emerging best practices for employers developing flu shot initiatives, including giving employees more options and leveraging trends in retail healthcare.

The BioIQ white paper outlines other important steps employers can take to improve flu prevention outcomes. One of the most important steps is to develop employee communications that are engaging, clear and frequently shared. Poor communication is a key contributor to under-performing flu prevention programs. Equally important to success is ensuring that scheduling and getting flu shots is as easy and convenient as possible, which can mean offering vaccinations at a variety of sites, including the workplace and retail locations.

Employers who use these approaches with respect to flu programs see higher participation rates in their broader wellness programs. “The value to employers is that increased employee participation rates can result in less lost work days and higher productivity during flu season,” said Bellante.

BioIQ provides employers with a comprehensive solution that offers multiple, convenient options to complete immunizations and keep employees flu-free. Employees can schedule and receive their flu immunization at the location and time most convenient to them, whether at the workplace or a retail pharmacy location. BioIQ coordinates all the details of an organization’s flu immunization program, including implementation, engagement and reporting.

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