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BioIQ Releases New Health Improvement and Wellness Solutions for Employers and Health Plans

Offering the Industry’s First Integrated Approach to Optimizing Health and Wellness Programs.

BioIQ has announced an expanded set of health-improvement solutions for employers, health plans and wellness providers designed to optimize employee-targeted health and wellness investments:

BioIQ Dimensions™: A versatile health-screening platform that has become the standard for thousands of employers and many of the largest health plans in the United States. Dimensions gathers biometric data from employees and dependents via four integrated methods: onsite screening events, local labs, physician visits, and home test kits. BioIQ’s mature screening platform uses behavioral science and communications tools to engage an entire population in a secure, private, and consumer-friendly way.

BioIQ Axis™: A flexible “Actions Platform” that connects individuals to specific interventions based on their identified risks and needs. As the backbone of the BioIQ offering, Axis includes rewards and outcomes tracking, automated communications, health assessment tools, health coaching, and quality/compliance tools from BioIQ and a growing ecosystem of third-party wellness companies.

BioIQ Ecosystem™: An array of complimentary solutions that address specific health, wellness and disease-management needs. BioIQ’s unique targeting capability can align these solutions to each participant based on individual risk and demonstrated need for specific interventions.

BioIQ Advisor™: A population health management solution that simplifies the collection, integration, and reporting of health and wellness data from an employee population. Customizable dashboards and aggregate reports track year-over-year values to monitor progress, spot worrisome health trends, and calculate ROI.

“We have created an open environment to bring the industry’s best health and wellness solutions to employers of any size,” said Justin Bellante, CEO at BioIQ. “Our platform is the foundation for outcomes-based wellness, performance measurement, population stratification, and assignment of targeted health-improvement solutions based on each participant’s actual risk.”


About BioIQ

BioIQ is a health improvement technology company that has implemented the industry’s first integrated, customizable and measurable approach to optimizing investments in corporate health and wellness programs. The company’s unique health screening platform, ecosystem of health improvement tools, and proven methodology for obtaining quantifiable wellness insights are serving beneficiaries across the United States. BioIQ works with some of the largest employers and health companies in the nation and has launched over 1,500 successful health improvement programs since its inception in 2005.