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BioIQ Maximizes Flu Vaccination for Employers Through Secure Technology Platform

Flu program helps employers avoid losing as much as 20% of workforce productivity due to influenza

August 11, 2015BioIQ today announced a new program that streamlines flu vaccination programs for any size workforce. With this program BioIQ facilitates scheduling, incentive tracking, claims billing, and administration of flu vaccinations and related wellness services, maximizing engagement and participation in flu vaccination programs.

“BioIQ makes it easy to engage a large population with a secure technology platform that streamlines every facet of administering these programs,” said BioIQ CEO Justin Bellante “We have the leading platform that coordinates corporate onsite vaccination events and guides employees with specific directions and appointments to a comprehensive and conveniently located network of retail pharmacy locations.”

Employers can find out more information about the platform and view a presentation of BioIQ’s flu vaccination programs through an online webinar, “Flu Vaccinations 2.0,” now available for replay on demand or by visiting www.BioIQ/flu/ for more information.

Participating employees and dependents can use the platform to select a precise time and location for a flu shot, minimizing waiting time and lost productivity. Each participant receives confirmations, reminders, and pre-populated lab vouchers via email, text, or hardcopy. BioIQ processes the claims and submits them to the employer’s health plan for reimbursement.

Wellness administrators can use BioIQ’s online dashboards to monitor employee engagement. Employers also can leverage the BioIQ platform to promote other wellness services to employees including biometric screening, health risk assessments, smoking-cessation programs, health coaching services, and disease management initiatives.

Flu vaccinations are an important part of wellness. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that up to 20 percent of employees contract influenza annually, leading to $6.2 billion in lost productivity, 75 million days of work absences, and 22 million visits to healthcare providers.(1) The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the most important step in protecting against this serious respiratory illness.

“The return on investment for employers is equally compelling,” Bellante added. According to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), on-site programs generate savings of between $15 and $84 per vaccinated person, or $2.58 per dollar spent on vaccination and a possible savings of up to $4,000 for every averted illness. In addition, a vaccinated workforce experiences 13 to 44 percent fewer doctor visits, 18 to 45 percent fewer lost workdays, and 18 to 28 percent fewer days with reduced productivity.”(2)

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About BioIQ

BioIQ is a healthcare technology company that enables organizations to connect with their populations, measure vital health metrics, and achieve health improvement goals. BioIQ works with some of the largest employers and health companies in the nation. Since its inception in 2005, BioIQ has launched thousands of successful health improvement programs serving millions of participants.

Andrew Mackler
Vice President, Marketing & Sales Operations