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BioIQ Implements Blue Button Access to Online Lab Reports

One Click to Download Test Results from Personal Health Dashboards that Indicate Risks for Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease.

As hospitals, pharmacies, and medical offices continue to adopt electronic health records (EHR), health-conscious consumers are gaining access to a wealth of online tools for reviewing medical conditions, analyzing risk factors and viewing lab results. In the realm of diagnostic testing and screening, BioIQ is simplifying access to personal health records by employing the Blue Button protocol to facilitate an individual’s review of their risks for diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The Blue Button is a distinctive graphical icon that lets people easily download their medical information from online databases, with standardized security and privacy practices. BioIQ is the first diagnostic testing company to implement the Blue Button for instant access to personal lab reports.

BioIQ offers home test kits and high-engagement screening programs to employers and health plans across the U.S. By clicking on the BioIQ Blue Button, participants in these programs can easily download their health information and share it with physicians and health care providers, as well as with a growing list of public and private entities that support the same protocols. Having control of this information makes it easier for people to maintain current health records and stay up to date with caregivers and trusted entities.

“The Blue Button has set a new precedent for giving people access to their personal health information,” said Justin Bellante, CEO at BioIQ. “The goal for all health providers is to standardize how information is presented as well as to make that information more useful, whether that means adding it to a personal health record or printing it out so it can be kept in a paper file.”

The BioIQ Blue Button represents a critical step forward in bridging the gap between corporate wellness and personal wellness. This convenient icon makes it easier for employees and dependents to take control of their health information and connect with consumer wellness solutions.

Capabilities such as the Blue Button are part of the overall Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), which was included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The ability of individuals to download their health information is one aspect of demonstrating “meaningful use” of electronic health records. BioIQ invested in this new feature to expand the value of its already robust technology platform.


About BioIQ

BioIQ offers affordable and innovative home test kits and high-engagement corporate health screening programs with a focus on diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other chronic health conditions. Download BioIQ’s free Corporate Wellness and Screening Roadmap to learn how to launch a successful employee health-screening program on a shoestring budget and in less than one hour.

Press Contact: David Baum
Director of Communications, BioIQ