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BioIQ Flu Shot Solution Encourages Year-Round Health

BioIQ Wellness Technology Platform maximizes participation, enhances consumer experience by simplifying signup, scheduling, and personnel management.

Among vaccine-preventable diseases in adults, influenza has the greatest impact in the U.S. population. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu causes an average of 36,000 deaths and over 200,000 hospitalizations each year in the United States, which translates into an economic burden of $83.3 billion. In addition to these direct medical costs, employers must cover $6.2 billion each year in lost productivity, with 17 million workdays attributed to influenza-related illness.1

These sobering statistics motivate many companies to offer vaccinations as part of their employee wellness programs. Today, BioIQ is introducing a new flu shot solution that enables employers across the U.S. to more effectively conduct onsite vaccination events including signing up employees, scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and managing nursing staff. Mature scheduling and logistics tools within the BioIQ Wellness Technology Platform enhance the current flu shot model, making it easier to vaccinate a large population and engage employees in related wellness programs.

Once employees sign up for a flu shot and create an account in the BioIQ system, HR professionals can leverage BioIQ’s platform to promote other wellness services including health risk assessments, biometric screening, smoking-cessation programs, health coaching, rewards tracking, and disease management initiatives from BioIQ and its growing ecosystem of wellness partners.

“We see flu season as an ideal time to build and sustain the engagement of employees as they make adjustments to their health plans and set wellness goals during the open enrollment period,” said Justin Bellante, CEO at BioIQ. “Flu vaccinations are important, but for many employees they are merely one step in the wellness continuum. Our mission is to help employers achieve their health-improvement goals by offering an integrated spectrum of wellness initiatives, along with complete tracking and measurement.”


About BioIQ

BioIQ is a health improvement technology company that has implemented the industry’s first integrated, customizable and measurable approach to optimizing investments in health and wellness programs. The company’s unique health screening platform; ecosystem of health improvement tools; and data insights that lead to enhanced program designs are serving beneficiaries across the U.S. BioIQ works with some of the largest employers and health companies in the nation and has launched over 1,000 successful health improvement programs since its inception in 2005.