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BioIQ Conducts One Millionth Colorectal Cancer Screening

Company moves the needle on preventing colorectal cancer by delivering convenient at-home test kits to health plan members.

Atlanta, November 14, 2019 –  BioIQ a healthcare engagement and gap closure company that is redefining the way payers, employers and consumers navigate and connect with the U.S. healthcare system, announced today that it has conducted its one millionth colorectal cancer screening. BioIQ reached this key milestone, often helping unengaged or disadvantaged populations, in a short timeframe not simply with an at-home test kit, but by facilitating care using consumer analytics, omni-channel engagement, and a curated network of partner solutions. This combination of capabilities in a single technology platform is being leveraged to produce a similar impact across a myriad of other major health conditions.

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second most common cause of cancer death in the United States. It’s expected to cause about 51,020 deaths during 2019.1 Regular screenings are essential to prevention, early detection and survival, yet according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some 23 million Americans have never been tested.

BioIQ helps some of the nation’s largest health plans screen at-risk individuals for CRC with a powerful technology platform and a-simple-to-use, industry standard at-home test kit. The company also facilitates immunization programs and testing for conditions including diabetes, chronic kidney disease and hypertension. Leveraging consumer analytics, personalized engagement strategies, and emerging delivery models such as retail clinics and at-home testing solutions, BioIQ helps organizations manage costs and improve outcomes by identifying at-risk individuals earlier and connecting them with convenient, consumer-friendly care solutions.

Promotion of CRC screening, especially among at-risk populations, is a national priority. American adults aged 50 to 75 years who were up to date with colorectal cancer screening increased 1.1 percentage points, from 66.2% in 2014 to 67.3% in 2016.2 And with the American Cancer Society lowering the recommended age that screening should start —from 50 to 45— even more unscreened people need this critical test.

“Our mission is to positively change the nation’s healthcare system by making it easier and more convenient for people to understand their health and take action,” said Justin Bellante, CEO of BioIQ. “Providing a personalized, convenient CRC screening to people in the comfort of their home saves lives and is an important example of what we can do to improve healthcare.”

About BioIQ
BioIQ is a healthcare engagement and health testing gap closure company that is redefining the way payers, employers and consumers navigate and connect with the U.S. healthcare system. BioIQ leverages consumer analytics, real-time program intelligence, omnichannel personalized engagement strategies and an extensive ecosystem of healthcare partners to provide a comprehensive view of individuals throughout their health journey and engage them to get testing and care that leads to healthier outcomes.

With more than a decade of healthcare industry experience and a first-of-its-kind health connectivity platform, BioIQ is uniquely positioned at the convergence of population health and the consumerization and retailization of healthcare to drive the shift to value-based care for payers and employers.  Since 2005, BioIQ has launched thousands of successful health testing programs serving millions of participants. For more information, visit

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Chief Marketing Officer
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