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BioIQ Announces First End-to-End COVID-19 Mitigation Solution

BioIQ platform provides employers, health plans, and government agencies the unique ability to address engagement, messaging, and vaccine hesitancy challenges.

ATLANTA, March. 17, 2021 – BioIQ, an analytics-driven population health and testing platform company, introduces a first of its kind, end-to-end COVID-19 mitigation solution for employers, health plans, and government agencies. Built on the same BioIQ platform and digital experience trusted by customers for population testing and vaccination for more than a decade, the multi-faceted solution addresses three key pillars in COVID-19 risk reduction: consumer engagement, vaccination, and testing.

With current projections indicating the U.S. may fall short of herd immunity due to consumer hesitation around COVID-19 vaccination, employers are in a unique position to help close the last mile. A long-term, durable COVID-19 strategy must address engagement and education around vaccine hesitancy, and provide easy access to vaccines now, as well as well as ongoing vaccine boosters, and vaccines for related diseases such as the flu. Additionally, a successful strategy must have a testing and surveillance cadence to identify new cases and prevent an outbreak. All of this should exist in a seamless, integrated, digital experience.

BioIQ helps customers address the toughest challenges associated with population health – social determinants of health (SDoH) and vaccine hesitancy – as well as underlying access and convenience barriers. The company combines more than a decade of expertise in behavioral economics and engagement with convenient, accessible worksite and retail vaccination options, including anticipated variant boosters, to ensure that population vaccination efforts are effective for employers, payors, and government agencies.

BioIQ’s end-to-end COVID-19 mitigation solution includes an array of leading-edge testing solutions through the company’s national network of lab partners, including cost-effective diagnostic solutions for home, worksite, retail, and community testing workflows. Analytics-driven, omni-channel engagement that includes telehealth, text, email, IVR, mail, and live outreach support all testing and vaccination experiences.

“Access, convenience, and flexibility lower consumer and logistical barriers to vaccination and testing, but engagement and science-driven messaging are needed to address key underlying challenges such as vaccine hesitancy, social determinants of health, and health inequities,” said Justin Bellante, BioIQ founder, president, and COO.

“The country needs a scalable solution to reach a scalable goal – herd immunity,” said Sean Slovenski, BioIQ CEO. “As we push for herd immunity against the backdrop of variant evolution, a population health testing and surveillance strategy will continue to be necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It will take technology and empathy to get there and stay there, as well as a true commitment from employers. BioIQ has the right combination of engagement, vaccination, and testing experience to make that happen.”

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About BioIQ
BioIQ is modernizing the diagnostic testing industry through a national network of labs and customized solutions that support payors, employers, and consumers. By aggregating testing solutions, optimizing lab capacity, and integrating testing with customers’ needs and strategies, BioIQ ensures resilience and reliability so that employers and payors can protect workforces and members. With its first-of-its-kind health connectivity platform, BioIQ is uniquely positioned at the convergence of population health and the consumerization and retailization of healthcare to drive the shift to value-based care for payers and employers. Since 2005, BioIQ has launched thousands of successful health testing programs serving millions of participants. For more information, visit

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