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BioIQ and Polymedco Automate Colorectal Cancer Screening for ACOs and Health Plans

High-Touch Program Yields Gap Closure Rates that are Four Times Higher Than Industry Averages

August 14, 2015 – As health plans and accountable care organizations (ACOs) across the United States review their colorectal cancer (CRC) screening practices, many of them are looking for better ways to improve member engagement and utilize non-invasive Immunochemical Fecal Occult Blood Test (iFOBT) technology to screen their populations. These health care organizations share a few goals: to improve compliance rates, increase early identification of colorectal cancer patients, and decrease colorectal cancer treatment costs.

Conducting population health screening programs is a multi-step process. The health plan has to identify noncompliant members, reach out to their physicians, generate lab requisitions, coordinate testing services, create electronic health records, and integrate the data into their information systems to verify gap closures and fulfill Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) mandates.

BioIQ and Polymedco today announced the availability of a healthcare quality platform that automates this entire cycle. Participating organizations simply supply an eligibility file containing information about members who are out of compliance. BioIQ initiates an at-home screening program using Polymedco’s industry-leading fecal immunochemical test (FIT) kit, driven by a comprehensive engagement campaign to boost compliance.

“Thanks to our skilled outreach campaign and high degree of automation, our CRC screening program is distinguished by gap closure rates that are four times higher than industry averages,” said Justin Bellante, CEO at BioIQ. “Between seven and eight percent of people who are screened receive a positive result, allowing them to get treatment right away. This leads to immense savings in treatment costs, less patient suffering, and the assurance of a healthier population.”

“Tens of millions of Americans don’t get any colorectal screening at all,” added Tim Donovan, Senior Vice President of Sales at Polymedco. “Our mission is to change that. Early detection of colorectal cancer often results in minor and inexpensive treatment, compared to mid-or late stage cancer, which can be devastating for the patient. There is a 93 percent survival rate when colorectal cancer is detected early.”

Polymedco’s FIT kit is a perfect first-line screening. It is also a good alternative for people who are unable or unwilling to get a colonoscopy or who need to be screened between colonoscopy intervals. As members complete their screenings, BioIQ creates electronic health records and passes the data to pertinent physicians, health plans, and partner health services companies. Each campaign includes a series of invitations, alerts, and reminders. Members can view their private lab results through a secure portal, or receive a paper lab report delivered by mail. Additionally, BioIQ can take advantage of existing claims-based file exchanges with laboratory partners.

BioIQ is well known for its software as a service (SaaS) platform, which can be customized to include health plan branding, member reporting, reinforcement of Primary Care Provider relationships, and integration with existing medical management programs. BioIQ observes all HIPAA guidelines governing personally identifiable information and handles all necessary interfaces to securely transfer member clinical data. In addition to improving colorectal cancer screening adoption, BioIQ addresses a wide variety of other HEDIS measures including all of the preventive Effectiveness of Care measures.

For more information about this important CRC screening program, please download this new white paper from Polymedco and BioIQ.

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Andrew Mackler
Vice President, Marketing & Sales Operations