Population Health News

HIT, Screening Programs Build Bridges to Improved Population Health Management

June 21, 2017

In a guest article for Population Health News, Pete Desai, executive vice president of BioIQ, explains how health information technology (HIT) solutions can enable health plans to better connect with stakeholders and deliver cost-efficient, effective care as the U.S. healthcare system transitions to a value-based care model.

Home Health Technology News

Q&A: Kevin Kenney of BioIQ

June 5, 2017

Kevin Kenney, BioIQ's chief operating officer, explains that for health plans to stay competitive, they should look for ways to partner with innovative companies to generate new ideas and approaches.

Health Data Management

How Health Screening Technology Can Help Engage Diverse Populations

April 13, 2017

Wes Rhea, BioIQ's chief compliance officer, explains how technology-enabled health screening programs can help health plans and other organizations engage with diverse populations to gather actionable health data and identify people at risk for conditions including diabetes and colorectal cancer.

Health System Management

What CIOs Want CEOs to Know About Data Security

December 26, 2016

By communicating the realities of threats, as well as opportunities for addressing challenges, CIOs can help CEOs build better data security programs, comply with regulations and maintain the security of patients’ private personal health information.