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MLive Media Group, a digital news and content provider, is getting behind BioIQ’s Pledge No to Lead initiative by broadcasting news about the program to media affiliates throughout Michigan. MLive’s articles, in conjunction with other favorable media coverage, have helped to drive interest in the program.

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Throughout July, BioIQ and its strategic partners, LabCorp and Advance Health, worked with Walmart to offer free lead testing services to children in Flint, Michigan. Problems with Flint’s municipal water system have made national headlines, prompting many local families to seek medical care for children with potential lead exposure from aging pipes. Too much lead in the body can cause irreversible problems such as stunted growth, brain damage, kidney damage and hearing problems.

Detecting the extent of a child’s exposure begins with a simple test to assess minute levels of lead in the blood. BioIQ’s ability to automate this service for a large and diverse population illustrates the flexibility of the BioIQ technology platform, which is used widely by employers, health plans, government agencies and marketplace partners to administer population health programs.


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