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As we reported earlier this month, payers and providers are quickly adopting population health technologies. They have the potential to significantly impact the U.S. healthcare system by helping more people avoid preventable conditions and significantly reducing medical costs, and early adopters are already beginning to realize these benefits. BioIQ aims to help health plans and employers lead the charge in reducing healthcare costs through prevention and early intervention – but using a slightly different model.

BioIQ is the platform for population health measurement. Like population health management solutions, BioIQ helps organizations collect and analyze patient data to identify risks. But unlike traditional population health management software, BioIQ also offers a means to intervene – by offering a unified solution for testing at-risk populations, analyzing data and providing individuals with resources to help them improve their health. That’s why we’ve named BioIQ the platform for population health measurement.

The BioIQ Platform connects organizations to a comprehensive partner network of test kit manufacturers for at-home testing, clinical staffing companies for onsite screenings, labs for processing results, and wellness technologies that help people achieve their health improvement goals.

BioIQ makes it easy for health plans and employers to test their populations for common risk factors for metabolic syndrome, diabetes, kidney disease, colorectal cancer and many more. By offering testing at home, in the workplace, at a physician’s office or at convenient lab and pharmacy locations, BioIQ helps close care gaps by making it easier for people to participate in regular screenings. And the more screenings that get completed, the more opportunities there are to identify risk factors and prevent chronic conditions, or improve outcomes when conditions are detected earlier. Using BioIQ’s software tools, organizations can configure screening programs according to their preferences and the needs of their populations.

The BioIQ Platform is comprised of three key pieces of technology:

The BioIQ Administrative Console allows organizations to configure all aspects of a screening program, send reminders and communications to program participants, track and share results, inspire follow-up action and analyze population trends.

The BioIQ Participant Portal lets people schedule a convenient screening, view detailed results, download a form to facilitate a discussion with their primary care physician and access personalized educational materials to help them achieve their unique health goals.

The BioIQ Mobile App for iOS and Android simplifies onsite screening events, such as community health fairs and employee wellness events. Clinicians can use the app to manage events, record and upload screening results and provide personalized follow-up recommendations.

These technologies, when combined with our partner network of best-in-class test kit makers, labs, staffing companies and wellness technologies, support the full lifecycle of population health measurement.

For more information, watch BioIQ CEO and Founder Justin Bellante explain the BioIQ platform, or take a look at our new platform overview page.

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