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Each year, nearly 36 million Americans become ill with the flu, otherwise known as influenza. Nearly one third of those will require a doctor’s visit, and about 56,000 may die.

Last week, Yahoo Finance and Walgreen’s Flu Index reported a 23 percent spike in flu activity for the 2021-22 season over last year, largely due to more in-person activities. Though last year saw unprecedented low activity, most likely due to restrictions brought on by the COVID pandemic, these numbers are a great reminder to get vaccinated each year to maintain your low risk.

The first step to flu prevention is to listen to the advice your mother gave you – wash your hands, cover your mouth/nose, and don’t touch your face. However, the most effective, tested, and proven method is a flu vaccine. The American Lung Association (and many other medical associations) say emphatically the best way to prevent influenza is to get a flu vaccine every year.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I get vaccinated this year?”  Three reasons:

  • As COVID-19 continues to dominate healthcare news, it can be easy to forget that flu season is already upon us – You may be surprised to know that COVID-19 and the flu share many of the same painful symptoms and, getting your annual flu vaccine can lower your risk of experiencing these elevated symptoms.
  • The flu shot changes each year – Before each flu season, the CDC determines which strains of influenza appear most likely to occur that year. The vaccine will reduce your chances of contracting certain strains of the virus and if you do get sick, having the vaccine can significantly reduce the severity of your symptoms and your ability to get over it faster.
  • Each year the flu costs employers billions of dollars in sick days and lost productivity – The best way to reduce that risk, from an employer perspective, is to urge your work force to get vaccinated for the influenza flu annually. The flu accounts for 111 million lost workdays and nearly $7 billion in lost productivity and sick days annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Whether you’re a small business, Fortune 500 enterprise, or a health plan with thousands of members, BioIQ can help prevent the flu in your workforce. BioIQ’s vaccine program is designed to meet the needs of any organization – health plan or enterprise – whether it’s influenza or COVID-19. Flu vaccines can be delivered to on-site clinics or be received at over 27,000 locations nationwide.

We provide retail and on-site flu vouchers that enable your workforce to get vaccinated when and where it works best for them. Retail vouchers are redeemable at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, and Walmart. On-site vouchers are already covered under health plans.

With more than 15 years in the health testing, screening, and vaccinations BioIQ’s flexible vaccination program makes it easy for your employees and participants to get the care they need.

Connect with us today to learn more about how we can impact your workforce.

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