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BioIQ personalized education programs are designed to help participants make the transition from awareness to action as they commit to healthy lifestyles. These programs also help people manage their identified risks, conditions and diseases.

Here’s how it works. As individuals complete health screenings and health assessments, the BioIQ platform automatically creates a personalized curriculum for each participant. BioIQ matches individual results with tailored programs that address unique needs and risk factors, from well-being and stress management to smoking cessation, weight loss and chronic condition management.

There are nine education modules in all, as shown in the diagram below:

Education modules

In addition to queuing up targeted educational modules, the BioIQ platform also tracks incentives, provides updates on program status, and generates population-level reports that summarize progress. Program statistics are viewable in management dashboards, such as reporting the successful completion of quizzes. Individual results and accomplishments are tracked in personal health dashboards. All content and dashboards are securely accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

These enhanced education offerings are the result of a partnership with eDoc4U, a leading provider of Web-based solutions for wellness, preventive care and disease management. Read this Q&A with eDoc4U co-founder Rich Smith to learn more how you can automate wellness education for your members and program participants.  

Personalized education 

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