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When it comes to corporate wellness screening, the average employer depends on between two and five organizations to conduct a complete wellness program—from lab partners to health coaching services to disease management companies. Accurately connecting and transmitting data from one wellness partner to another can be a major challenge. In some cases, software developers have to manually code links between wellness portals. In other cases, program participants have to log in to several different Web sites to enter and update their lab results.

BioIQ has a much simpler, more accurate, and more secure method of integrating health data among wellness partners. We utilize a single-sign-on solution to authenticate users within multiple wellness systems, and a versatile data hub to seamlessly transmit health records. BioIQ’s single-sign-on technology is based on accepted industry standards.

  • On the front end, BioIQ makes it easy for participants to sign up and move through the program since they only need one set of login credentials to access multiple health portals. BioIQ authenticates users in partner systems and orchestrates a seamless exchange of health data among wellness vendors.
  • On the back end, the BioIQ  collects wellness data from biometric screening appointments, creates electronic health records, and passes pertinent data to  authorized constituents including physicians, health coaches, health exchanges, health plans, and health services companies.

Customers and partners appreciate the security and accuracy of BioIQ’s federated identity management system because it provides a secure way to authenticate participants, verify screening participation, upload lab results, share data with wellness partners, and create a more cohesive consumer experience. Participants have easy access to their lab results and care results via secure online accounts. This leads to better engagement and a more secure flow of data across the wellness ecosystem.

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