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Recent high-profile stories in the news continue to spotlight the dangers of Hepatitis A. Poor hygiene often causes the communicable disease that spreads from person to person, primarily due to contaminated food or water. Hepatitis A has serious consequences for both quick-service chains and fine dining establishments – one of them being the cost to combat an outbreak. The cost of a single Hepatitis A outbreak can be more than $2 million – including lost revenue, lawsuits, legal fees, fines and medical costs.

“Preventing and controlling Hepatitis A outbreaks is one of the more serious issues facing restaurants today,” says Dan Daley, vice president of business development at BioIQ. “The good news is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that today’s Hepatitis A vaccines are highly effective. The challenge is how to get restaurant workers to fully and quickly get the immunizations – and that’s where BioIQ can help.”

Daley notes that BioIQ’s turnkey Hepatitis A immunization solution emphasizes convenience, prevention and measurable results. The focus is on making the immunization process easy for employees and effective and efficient for employers. Employees are given an immunization card to bring to a retail outlet, someplace they likely visit anyway – such as a nearby pharmacy or big box store. Employees who don’t get immunized are sent texts, emails or other communications encouraging them to do so.

To learn how BioIQ can help keep your workforce, your community and your bottom line healthy, check out our new video.

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