At Home + On Site

  • A1c/Glucose + Cholesterol Panel Test
  • Height, Weight, Blood Pressure
  • Turn-key Communications and Promotions
  • Online Account and Results
  • Employer Aggregate Report
More info on on-site wellness screening / health fairs

At Home

  • A1c/Glucose + Cholesterol Panel Combo Test Kit
  • Access to Dependents and Remote Employees
  • Turn-key Communications and Promotions
  • Online Account and Results
  • Printable Lab Reports
  • Employer Aggregate Report
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Options / Add-Ons

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Health Coaching
  • Data Integration with Health Plan
  • Web, Paper, and Phone-based Programs
  • Bulk Test Kit Distribution On-site
More info on health coaching, health risk assessment

Do you know the health risks of your population? Are you spending your health budget wisely?

Turn-key Wellness and Screening Programs

Turn-key Wellness and Screening Programs

BioIQ handles the entire process: promotion, sign-up, testing, lab analysis, reporting, health coaching, and data integration.

Health screen remote employees

Total Population Access

On-site and At-home testing options enable you to reach not only your main population centers, but small offices, remote workers and dependents as well.

Increase wellness participation

High Engagement and Compliance

BioIQ’s programs motivate people to take control of their health in a proactive way, leading to the highest kit return and compliance rates in the industry.

Wellness aggregate reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

BioIQ provides individual lab reports to participants and statistical aggregate reports to management, including year-to-year comparison reporting.

Affordable and convenient wellness programs

An Investment in Your Workforce

By detecting chronic diseases early and avoiding expensive treatments, wellness experts project between three and five dollars for every one dollar spent on corporate wellness. every on dollar spent on corporate wellness.

HIPAA compliant secure and private health records

Safe, Private, and Secure

All results are confidential and carefully guarded in our highly secure data center. In strict adherence with national guidelines, Protected Health Information is never shared without consent.

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“Home screening tests are a benchmark to measure the effectiveness of wellness initiatives and prioritize those initiatives.”

- Daniel P. Adley, chief operating officer, KTA-Tator