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A Q&A with Ashley Reynolds, PhD, RN, ACSM-HFS

“Engagement” is a buzzword in the healthcare industry that you’ve likely seen and heard in the news and on social media. But what does it mean in terms of population health? And more importantly, why is this a term you shouldn’t ignore?

In part one of an exclusive interview with BioIQ, Dr. Ashley Reynolds, executive vice president of Operations for Sensei and population health expert, explains why digital engagement is a critical component of today’s population health programs and how organizations can leverage technology to increase their wellness ROI.

Engagement is about taking action, leveraging personal effort toward a shared goal and facilitating interactions that foster a sense of community,” said Dr. Reynolds. “There’s plenty of evidence that supports positive outcomes for engagement in population health and worksite well-being programs, including increased preventive behaviors, better outcomes across diverse groups and decreased health costs for organizations.”

Read part one of the interview to discover the additional benefits organizations can leverage when they create a culture of health.


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