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BioIQ’s latest release includes self-service communications configuration, participant-level management, enhanced reporting and more

Today, BioIQ announced significant enhancements to the BioIQ Platform, the first unified solution for configuring and managing at-home, onsite and remote health testing programs. Many of the features in this release were a direct result of close collaboration with key health plan and enterprise customers. Those conversations helped BioIQ’s leadership team to realize they could build a solution to meet a growing need in the health testing and screening markets: A unified solution that could help organizations set up and manage their own health testing programs from end to end — starting with driving participation and ending with ways to personalize follow up and engage people in the healthcare system.

“Configuring a health testing program can be a time-consuming and complicated process,” CEO Justin Bellante noted in today’s press release. “BioIQ empowers organizations to reach their entire population to identify risks for chronic conditions earlier, through convenient at-home testing programs or engaging biometric screening events that are part of a comprehensive wellness program,” said BioIQ CEO Justin Bellante.

In other words, BioIQ’s solution combines at-home health testing and screening programs with the tools that make those programs work: communication tools to maximize participation, reporting and analytics capabilities to identify who’s at the highest risk, and ways to motivate people to take action based on their results, like a form to take to a doctor’s appointment to discuss test results, or incentives programs that motivate people to get their biometrics back within healthy ranges.

The best part is that health and wellness program administrators can configure and manage all of this from a user-friendly, web-based tool, called the BioIQ Administrative Console. Combined with the other elements of the BioIQ Platform — the BioIQ HealthSync app for screening events and the BioIQ Participant Portal for connecting with program participants — this new tool puts population health improvement initiatives within reach, for health plans and enterprises of all sizes.

Latest Enhancements

The latest enhancements to the BioIQ Platform include a redesigned user interface and significant updates to program configuration for both screening and at-home health testing programs.

  • Self-service communication configuration: Keep your population engaged before, during and after a screening program with built-in communication tools in the BioIQ Administrative Console. Record and upload your own IVR call messages and customize lab report cover letters for sharing results with participants, or select from a list of pre-populated templates and scripts.
  • Role-based access and delegated administration: Designate various administrative roles from within the BioIQ Administrative Console. Delegate administration to other stakeholders at the organization or program level. Built-in role-based access controls ensure these administrators will be provided access to only the programs and results they have been designated to administer, ensuring only approved stakeholders have access to participant-level results and PHI.
  • Participant-level management: Track each participant’s status in real time, including enrollment status, screening completion status and more. Administrators with roles permitting access to PHI (such as health plan administrators) can also access participant-level results and receive alerts when a biometric value falls within critical ranges, enabling rapid intervention for at-risk participants.
  • EMR compatibility: Results reports can now be exported in standard EDI formats for compatibility with EMR systems, ensuring that providers and other stakeholders are informed and enabling results to be seamlessly connected with participants’ medical records.
  • Onsite program configuration tools:
    • Simplified event configuration: Configure BioIQ HealthSync directly from the Administrative Console to streamline onsite screening events. Customize event layout and create designated stations for check-in, measurements, post-service questions and review. Create custom questions to be asked during screening, and add prompts for participants to invite spouses to enroll.
    • Accelerated engagement: At the end of the screening, set a prompt for clinicians to tell participants about other wellness programs the organization is offering. Clinicians can select an option that triggers an email to participants with additional information.
    • Real-time event monitoring: Access an event control center in the BioIQ Administrative Console to monitor the progress of onsite events in real time.
    • Onsite kit activation: Activate at-home test kits that screen for other conditions, such as colorectal cancer, and hand them out at the screening event. Enter the barcode number to associate the test kit with a specific participant, ensuring records are synced once the test kit is completed.
  • Improved Reporting Capabilities: Enhanced reporting and analytics tools provide detailed insight into overall population health, helping organizations structure future programs that appropriately address risks. New segmentation capabilities allow organizations to filter program and results data both during and after a program to drive participation or better understand risks within specific groups.

For more information about how these tools help health plans close care gaps and empower enterprises to create engaging screening and wellness programs, take a look at our solution pages.

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