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Health Insights from BioIQ and Healthcare Industry Leaders

A webinar series exploring the critical healthcare issues facing America and business leaders in 2021.

BioIQ’s Sean Slovenski and Justin Bellante will be talking with healthcare industry experts to discuss how to protect workforces and member communities in the coming year and beyond. They will discuss everything from national health policy to COVID-19 testing and vaccination strategy and deployment.

Recorded 4.13.21

Part 4: Rural Health in America

Responding to social determinates of health to improve care for medically-underserved communities.

Rural hospitals are disappearing rapidly. In rural America, more than 100 acute care facilities have closed over the past two and half years. Patients are now being triaged at local clinics, if one exists, then must travel to facilities that may be hours away for their care. That is a barrier to accessing healthcare—and just one of many. How does transportation and other social determinants of health (SDoH) factor into delivering healthcare for medically underserved and otherwise disadvantaged geographic areas?

BioIQ CEO Sean Slovenski will discuss this pressing topics with Donato Trumato, a noted healthcare advocate with a deep commitment to global health and more than 35 years of healthcare experience. Mr. Tramuto is an author, founder of Health eVillages, and the former CEO of Tivity Health, Inc., (Nasdaq: TVTY). He is widely recognized for his commitment to social change and transformational leadership in healthcare innovation that led The New York Times to deem him “a global health activist.”

Recorded 3.24.21

Part 3: In-Person Learning During the COVID Pandemic

The experience of two independent schools and what it will take to resume in-person education nationally.

The coronavirus pandemic upended the educational system in the US forcing students, teachers, administrators, and parents to adapt to virtual learning. School districts around the country are struggling to determine if, and when, schools can be safely opened. It is clear that there must be some middle ground between closed, and open but with protections. But what exactly SHOULD those be?

Justin Bellante (BioIQ founder, president, COO) will explore these and other questions with Dr. Darria Long, a Harvard and Yale trained ER Doctor, nationally recognized health expert, national TV contributor, TedX speaker, and best-selling author of Mom Hacks.

Recorded 2.23.21

Part 2: Technology Innovation is Driving Change for Healthcare Outcomes to Underserved Communities

Today, two of the biggest challenges in healthcare are accessibility and affordability. Nowhere is this more evident than in high-risk, underserved minority health populations, who have been impacted most severely by COVID19.

Eric Dishman, a global leader in healthcare innovation, will discuss how top tech innovations changes the game for population health and health disparities in the current pandemic and beyond.

Mr. Dishman is the founding Director of the All of Us research program, leading the effort to build the National Institute of Health (NIH) team, consortium, and infrastructure to launch recruitment and data collection nationally. Prior to All of Us, he was an Intel fellow and vice president of the Health and Life Sciences Group at Intel Corporation.

Recorded 1.27.21

Part 1: COVID19 Testing, Vaccine, and Health Care Predictions for 2021

How will the private sector and businesses drive vaccinations, much like they have driven COVID-19 testing? What impact on vaccine deployment, and healthcare in general, will happen with the new administration?

Watch this informative discussion with BioIQ CEO Sean Slovenski and Tom Corry, former Senior Advisor to the CMS Administrator.

Tom Corry is an expert on public healthcare issues and has worked on critical initiatives including: The COVID-19 taskforce, Operation Warp Speed, and other vital healthcare policy initiatives.

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