Finding People in the Gaps: Delivering Better Preventive Care by Humanizing the Problem, the Solutions and the Data We Use to Reach Patients

According to the CDC, Americans use preventive healthcare at half the recommended rate

Health plans use data analysis and outreach programs to try to reach members with care gaps, but statistics show that there are still opportunities to do much more.

Advanced analytics can help health plans understand the people behind the numbers

Health plans can use advanced analytics to predict health risks on a community level, then go granular enough to reveal the specific types of interventions—from local pharmacy visits to at-home test kits and workplace events—that are most likely to help individual members get care.

Get Set Up for Success

Whether an organization is launching its first flu prevention program or looking to improve past efforts, there are several simple steps to improve the process. Strategies for a successful program include engaging communications, compelling incentives, designating internal champions and identifying the right solution provider to manage comprehensive, scalable programs.

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