BioIQ Partners with Cresa on Return-to-Office solutions

A Study of Your Existing Space | Preparing Your Office for Re-entry

The return to office requires thoughtful planning and adherence to best practices for maintaining health and wellness. BioIQ has partnered with Cresa, the world’s largest commercial real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents occupiers, to discuss return-to-office solutions that support your organization.

Whether restructuring your lease to reconfigure your space for social-distancing guidelines or enhancing your remote- work program, Cresa is committed to implementing post-pandemic real estate strategies that work specifically for you. Our Workspace Planning, Design & Support team helps develop a near-term approach for re-entry, one that ensures social distancing and productivity. They can create plans that help show recommended traffic flow patterns, areas of congestion to help maintain distancing, handwashing and sanitation stations, and potential occupancy counts for both workstations and common areas that will compliment your return-to-office strategy.

Cresa’s Advisors can also help you develop workforce re-entry strategies. This can be anything from facilitating conversations with landlords regarding increased sanitation and environmental adjustments to advising facility preparation and occupancy criteria. We believe that as a result of COVID-19, addressing issues like indoor air quality, HVAC, and cleaning will become a commonality in lease negotiations for years to come.

Cresa understands the impacts COVID-19 has had on businesses around the world and knows many organizations struggle to formulate a plan for the days ahead. Before you consider breaking your lease in the event of financial hardship, you may want to consider restructuring your lease. These conversations with a landlord should be done by a trusted advisor before you breach a lease or abandon a property. In a lot of cases, landlords are accommodating tenants and trying to make leases work under the current circumstances. We have years of experience negotiating with landlords and are recognized for always being the champion for occupiers. Click here to view our Preserving Cash Flow Guide.