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Want to learn how a simple iPad app can streamline your onsite screening events? More and more employers are using our tablet application to improve the interaction between participants and healthcare professionals. Pilot programs have demonstrated its ability not only to simplify onsite screening events, but also to automate all of the associated data management processes including data entry, data integration, program monitoring, and reporting. Check out this webinar to learn more.


BioIQ: The platform for population health measurement

BioIQ enables organizations to launch effective population health measurement programs and empowers individuals to take action to improve their health. By seamlessly connecting people to health testing through a configurable SaaS platform, BioIQ makes testing more accessible, creating more insight for people and more touch points with health service partners. The BioIQ software platform includes three elements:

The BioIQ Administrative Console enables organizations to configure and manage all aspects of a health screening program from a central console — from scheduling screening events and enrolling participants to communicating with individuals, tracking and sharing results, and analyzing population trends. From the console, administrators can configure the following screening options for their population health measurement programs:

  • At-home test kits
  • Onsite screening events run by our staffing partners
  • Pharmacy and lab visits through our network of pharmacy and lab partners
  • Physician’s office visits

The Administrative Console connects administrators with BioIQ’s partner network of test kit manufacturers, laboratories, clinics, onsite staffing providers, digital health coaching tools and more, ensuring administrators have the resources for executing a successful screening program at their fingertips.

The BioIQ Participant Portal enables individuals to schedule health screenings, view test results, track health improvements over time, and access resources to address their unique health risks.

BioIQ Mobile App for iOS and Android simplifies screening events by enabling screeners to control traffic flow, capture participant consent, record and upload results in real time, and provide follow-up recommendations.

With BioIQ, organizations can provide personalized screening experiences, gain meaningful insight into population health, empower individuals to take action, and watch their population’s health improve over time.

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