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Engage people on the journey to better health with an intuitive interface that guides them through all aspects of a screening program.

When it comes to health screening, the most important tests are the ones that get taken. BioIQ offers tools for engaging people in a population health measurement program and improving health outcomes at every step of the way – from communication tools to boost enrollment, to a wellness education center to inspire action and a user-friendly participant portal that simplifies the whole experience.

Research shows that mobile and digital healthcare technologies are powerful educational tools, which can be used to both inspire people to participate in regular health screenings and supply convenient methods to help them take an active role in their care. According to Deloitte’s 2015 Health Care Consumer Engagement Survey, more than 60 percent of tech users say using health technologies has had a significant impact on their behavior. Technology can not only help organizations drive participation in health screening programs — by providing more opportunities for individuals to take an active role in their care, it can effectively inspire positive changes and improve health outcomes across populations.

The BioIQ Participant Portal is an intuitive interface that guides individuals who participate in health plan or employer-sponsored health screening programs through all aspects of the program. Through the web-based portal, which is accessible on any device, people can sign up for a convenient screening time and location — whether it’s onsite at a health fair, at a nearby BioIQ partner location or at an appointment with their primary care physician. Program participants can also complete a health risk assessment, view test results and access tools such as an incentives tracker and educational materials that address their unique health risks, all from a convenient, user-friendly interface.

Program administrators can easily configure options within the co-branded portal, add wellness plugins and customize the content that participants see to provide a personalized, engaging experience that individuals will want to take part in.

Health plans, employers and other organizations that offer a customizable participant portal as part of a comprehensive population health measurement program will engage people on the journey to better health and:

Drive Participation
Simple enrollment and an intuitive scheduler make it easy for individuals to sign up. Share program details, appointment confirmations and reminders, and prompt participants to fill out a health risk assessment in advance of their screening — all from a single interface. To provide members a seamless experience, you can link to the BioIQ Participant Portal from your existing member or employee portal.

Offer Convenience
Offer participants multiple options for completing their screening. Plan an onsite event, or offer a physician, lab or pharmacy visit. When a participant selects a lab or pharmacy visit, the BioIQ Participant Portal populates nearby locations, available times and dates, and driving directions.

Easily Track Results
After the screening, participants can log in to view a summary of screening results or drill down for detailed lab reports. From the results tab, participants can access links to educational resources addressing their specific risks and conditions and print a form to facilitate a discussion with their physician.

Sustain Engagement
Actively engage participants beyond the screening event to drive behavior changes that translate into tangible health improvements. Offer access to wellness plugins such as digital and telephonic health coaching, fitness and incentives trackers and educational resources that are customized based on individual health risks.

For more information about the BioIQ Participant Portal, take a look at our Spec Sheet, or contact BioIQ at (888) 818-1594 or

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