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— Rachel Phillips Terry, Corporate Vice President, Sales, BioIQ

For the second year in a row, BioIQ was honored to sponsor Consortium National Account’s annual Sales Advantage conference in Palm Springs. One of the highlights was an engaging session where consultants from PwC, Aon Hewitt, and Mercer shared findings from their latest employer market surveys. A recurring theme from their findings that resonated with me (as part of the industry and as a consumer) was doing the right thing. Tracy Watts, senior partner at Mercer, challenged attendees to examine wellness programs and ask, “Does this make it easy for the consumer to do the right thing?”

Based on market surveys, employers say top challenge they face with wellness programs is employee engagement, closely followed by decision support, cost containment and population health management. A critical factor in achieving cost reduction in these areas is consumer engagement. All of the innovative tools and programs on the market are of little value if they don’t engage members.

The delivery of quality healthcare and the paradigm shift from “sick care” to overall wellbeing is where employers want to drive the market – all while cutting costs in a recovering economy. Making this happen is possible, but hinges largely on member engagement.

For more than a decade, BioIQ has worked to refine member engagement strategies and enable people to interact with technology in a way that’s user-friendly and effective. Multi-modal touch points and convenient screening options have changed the participation structure for our health plan partners and their employer clients.

I’d love to discuss what’s working for our clients and how we’re closing gaps in care by making it easy for our consumers to do the right thing. Stay tuned for additional highlights from Palm Springs.

Rachel Phillips Terry

Rachel Phillips Terry

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