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Patients’ Experience and Complaints and Access measures will increase to a weight of 2x starting with the 2021 Star Rating

Earlier this year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released final policy and payment updates through the 2020 Rate Announcement and Call Letter. Among the many themes expressed through the CMS’s planned updates to Medicare Advantage Star Ratings, one particular modification signifies an important shift in the organization’s oversight of health plan quality programs. This shift relates to an expanding significance in indicators of member experience within a plan’s overall quality rating. As reminded in the Call Letter, Patients’ Experience and Complaints and Access measures will increase to a weight of 2x starting with the 2021 Star Rating.

The growing role of member perception of health plan services reaches beyond CAHPS and other health plan operational measures. As Medicare Advantage plans engage populations along any number of quality interventions, it becomes increasingly important to do so in ways that offer members the best possible experience.

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all approach to quality intervention and gap closure. In order to remain competitive under the changing dynamics of today’s Star Ratings, plans must offer flexible program designs that offer increased convenience and access to care, while simultaneously decreasing opportunities for member abrasion.

Offer members a better care experience

BioIQ’s approach to quality gap closure puts members first. We offer tailored member experiences that give people options and meet them where they are – whether that’s at home, a provider’s office or a convenient retail location.

Partnering with BioIQ allows health plans to offer far more convenient, personalized care delivery options for key services that drive quality of care and improve health outcomes. Our relationship with a leading retailer offers thousands of locations for members to receive a host of health services from diabetic eye exams to vaccinations. Our at-home laboratory testing programs have helped millions of people perform simple tests like colorectal cancer screenings and A1c tests in the comfort of their own home.

BioIQ’s approach to quality gap closure starts with understanding members as people and consumers, activating them with personalized communication, and offering them a more convenient care experience.

Discover how BioIQ leverages campaign management technology, omni-channel communication capabilities, and psychographic consumer profiling to maximize member activation. 


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